Friday, July 20, 2012

July 21, 2012

July 21, 2012, Juan Carlos, JC, Escamilla would have celebrated his 32nd birthday. He celebrates his birthday in heaven with God and all the angels and saints and all our family members who preceded him. We miss him dearly and want to celebrate his life with us and his eternal life in paradise. He left us too early. But, he left with us a beautiful son, Jordan, who JC loved without limitation. We want to take this time to reflect on the beautiful memories he created with us, his family, son, friends and colleagues. And we want to thank all of you who have walked with our family in this very trying time. We are eternally grateful and will always thank God for your beautiful expressions of sympathy and love.” Memories are precious possessions That time can never destroy For it is in happy remembrance That the heart finds its greatest joy If I listen really close In the silence of the night I hear your voice to comfort me And say that you're alright But it's often hard to understand Why certain things must be And the reasons why they happen Are so often hard to see But I find comfort in the knowledge That God is always there To keep the one I loved so much Forever in His care A smile for all, a heart of gold The very best the world could hold Those we love don't go away They walk beside us every day It isn't what we write It isn't what we say Its how we feel deep inside As we think of you today The Escamilla Family

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