Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Lebron X Denim (597806 400)

The Lebron X Denim (597806 400) is set to release this Saturday 6/22/2013. This will be a very limited release and will be done via Twitter. Note this release is open to all of our Twitter followers local and out of state customers. Retail: $180.00 DSC_7585

Sunday, June 9, 2013

5 Years

Today marks 5 years that Sole Boutique has been in existence. My mind has been preoccupied with other things that I just remembered. This week is the sentencing trial for my brothers murder and I am truly grateful for all who have kept my family in your thoughts and prayers. Here is my Victim Impact Statement. The Sole family is honored to have your continued support and look forward to many more years, Much Love!!!!! We will do a big celebration at Sneaker Palooza Volume 4. Victim Impact Statement Case #2013CR2602-YU MASAKI Julio C. Escamilla for Juan Carlos Escamilla Juan Carlos Escamilla has been my little brother since July 21, 1980. I have no recollection of the approximately 5 years of my life before he was born. JC was a very kind, loving, full of life and his smile would warm up any room. My families life forever changed the night of January 8th, 2012. To completely articulate the impact that JC’s death has had on my life truly is overwhelming and almost impossible. I have written this victim impact statement in my head seemingly over a thousand times since the day the defendant decided to commit the cowardly act of taking my brothers life. The emotional impact has been devastating not only to me but to his son, my parents and the countless friends and family he has. I have mourned the loss of my brother including all the hopes, dreams and expectations that will no longer take place. I am left having to look into his son’s eyes and attempt my best to fill the void that has been caused by the actions of the defendant. Our weekly family dinners, holiday gathering, birthday celebrations and various other activities will never be the same, the joy that was always present has been replaced with a void. I now assume the most difficult task of being the only child, a role that I do not wish. I mourn the loss of my parents as I once knew them. Confident and strong in the world around them, they were also my protectors. I have held my mother and father in my arms as they have wept for their youngest son, feeling an indescribable pain and helplessness because they hurt so much, and there’s nothing I can do. My heart will ache for my parents for the rest of my life. For the rest of our lives, we will have to see his son grow without the presence of his father. His son Jordan will no longer have his dad to play games with, shoot hoop, go out to eat, watch movies and comfy in him like he has no other. His son will always be left to wonder why? Why his father who was a good man, had his life taken by the defendant that has shown no remorse. Jordan and my family does not deserve to have this void in our lives caused by this thoughtless, negligent person who resorted to violence to deal with his issues. JC’s death has necessitated doing things that I would never wish anyone would have to do: I packed his belongings from the room in my mothers house, sorting through clothes, mail, papers, DVDs, CDs, and other things of his that made me feel as if I was stealing or violating his privacy. I made phone calls to arrange for a priest to perform JC’s funeral service. I chose the necktie, undershirt, boxers, belt, and socks he wears in his casket. I personally called eight of his close friends to ask them to be pallbearers at his funeral. I completed the form to order his memorial marker at the Cemetery where he is buried, writing out his full name, date of birth, date of death, and the saying to be placed at the bottom. Doing all of this caused me pain and anguish that will haunt me forever. Thinking about each surreal moment in the days following JC’s death makes me cry because I am forced to realize over again that I actually had to perform these acts, and that JC is, in fact, forever gone. No one made me do these things – I did them out of deep love for my brother; however, I am resentful that the defendant’s decision and actions put me in the position to do these things in the first place. Your Honor, I am aware that the justice system holds the power to sentence the defendant. He carelessly handed JC a death sentence and his family and friends a life sentence. Any sentence will not bring my brother back, but I feel that life in prison is just considering the punishment the defendant dealt JC and all of us that loved him dearly. I hope that my brothers death was not in vain, that other families who have been victims of violent crimes will find comfort in knowing that the justice system is doing everything in it’s power to keep individuals like the defendant from causing another family pain. The defendant has taken my brother form us, but he will take from us nothing else. May your time in prison be a constant reminder of your foolish decision and cowardly actions. My final words are to the defendant, I want you to know that only you will be a prisoner. My family will not hold on to hate or give you any further thought past this day. We will live life and celebrate my brother JC’s life, we will not be prisoners!