Tuesday, February 21, 2012

San Antonio?

"San Antonio is not urban enough", this is a statement that is going to fuel me. I never realized how disrespected our city was until now, we are the 7th largest city in the US, but they think we are a Pueblo. From hip hop acts to sneaker releases our city is seen as not Urban enough to have the ability to support. We need to unite as a culture (kicks, fashion, art, music, etc..) and prove to those outside of San Antonio, that we deserve respect. Sole Boutique’s Urban Fashion Mentality does not bow to the trends dictated by mainstream fashion. As its central themes are individuality, going against the grain and street culture, it is an concept which is evolving very rapidly and whose path and trends are somewhat unpredictable. In a mall oriented city Sole strives to set it’s own path and cater to those folks looking for diversity. How we see ourselves: How they see us:

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Sneaker Palooza Volume 3 Site

The official Sneaker Palooza web site is up, check it out for all info regarding this years event and a look back at previous Volumes. CLICK HERE.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Sneaker Palooza Vol 3 T-Shirt Design Contest

Want to design the Sneaker Palooza Volume 3 tee, here is your chance. We are having a t-shirt design competition for Sneaker Palooza Volume 3. Submit your design before February 25th, the design winner will win 2 tickets and a chance to meet Pusha T & Asher Roth. Submit all designs to julio@soleboutique.com and please include all your contact info. Winner will be featured on our blog and be introduced on stage at Sneaker Palooza. Good Luck!!!!

Sneaker Palooza Volume 3

Sneaker Palooza Volume 3 is just around the corner March 11, 2012, this year Pusha T and Asher Roth will headline. Sneaker Palooza is a street-culture event that showcases San Antonio’s up and coming artists (musicians, art, graffiti artist, b-boys and girls, local fashion designers, and sneaker enthusiast). The goal of the event is to offer a platform for our community to express their artistic talents and lift that negative connotation that surrounds street-culture. The venue for this years event is The San Antonio Shriner Auditorium. The theme of Volume 3 is "Stop The Violence", due to the tragic death of my brother by a senseless act of anger. This year a portion of the proceeds will benefit Margaret McCombs, they young lady who was also affected by this tragedy and is paralyzed from her chest down. Join us as we showcase the many talented folks in the San Antonio area and great performances.