Saturday, June 2, 2012

Real Talk with Sole Boutique

In business and in life you need to understand that you can't please everybody. Being a small independent shop has it's perks, but it also has its disadvantages. The only way to truly understand the struggles and sacrifices that go into running a business is: if you own one. There are 2 types of customers: 1. the loyal supporter 2. the one that just shows up for a limited release. Every shoe store has these customer types. As an independent business owner the fact that people chose to spend there hard earned money is a huge blessing and we chose to value this customer. Sneaker Boutique's by nature do not cater to the masses, the idea is to be different from the cookie cutter stores that you can find at the mall. San Antonio is a mall oriented city but Sole Boutique has managed to be the sole standing sneaker shop in this market (7th largest city in the US), and we have also gained a huge following online. We have fought hard to survive in a tough economy and we owe it to our loyal customers. With that said you should know that every shop (Sole Boutique, Nice Kicks, Premium Goods, etc..) has their own business philosophy. Our philosophy is to reward customer loyalty. *****Next time you want to complain about what your local sneaker shop doesn't do for you maybe you should ask yourself what do you do to support your local sneaker shop. I don't often give my 2 cents (insight) but when I do I give you a $'s worth. Stay THIRSTY my friends!

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