Thursday, December 8, 2011

Who Gives a Sole!

Life has a way of leading us down a certain path. We at Sole Boutique have always been in the state of mind to help others less fortunate, we have had many seeds sown for us and it is only right that we sow seeds as well. Since we opened doors we have been very involved with the Boy's & Girls' Club of San Antonio and sponsor and donate for the Back to School Jamboree, we also participate in The Adopt a Family Campaign every Christmas and have donated to The Children's Shelter. I had an experience that will for ever change my views, I was walking out of a convenience store and a homeless man told me I had nice shoes on. He had some plastic bags wrapped around his feet, I proceeded to ask him if he knew his shoe size and he told me 11.5. It was fate that I happened to have an extra pair of shoes and I told him that I wanted him to have them. I wish that I could have captured the look of joy in his face, I left feeling very fulfilled and determined to begin a new crusade. I have many shoes that I never wear that are gently worn and I will begin to go around San Antonio, helping out those folks in need of shoes and something warm to wear. We will begin to collect shoes at the shop if you want to join us in this campaign, if you know of folks in need of shoes or clothing please provide us with the location. God has blessed my family and I want to make a difference in other's lives. We all have gently worn shoes that just sit and collect dust, if you can find it in your heart to help us it is greatly appreciated, if not simply help us spread the word. God bless everyone and hope everyone has great holidays.

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