Tuesday, November 15, 2011

NBA Lockout, Really?

So the NBA Players Union have decided to decline the owners latest offer and disband the Union. I am a huge NBA fan, but in a day where people are fighting to keep what little they have and small businesses are closing left and right, I have no compassion for either side. Left out are the workers such as parking attendants, ticket takers, concession workers and the like at the AT&T Center will be looking to find a way to pay the bills, while these folks fight over billions in revenue. Most of these employees make minimum wage and do it because they are passionate about the job they do and it is there way of life. Most people live check to check and my heart and prayers go out to these folks (the working class). To borrow the words from a Wrestling group, I have 2 words for the NBA Owners & Players Union "Suck It". It's to bad there isn't a nation wide movement to boycott the NBA, people should stop buying season tickets, jersey's, watch it on tv and so forth. Let the NBA feel it!

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