Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Adidas Originals by Originals ZX KZK

The adidas Originals by Originals line, after having been running for four seasons, has proven itself to be stronghold in the unforgiving and cut-throat fashion world. It has become an anchor for trusted creative design and quality. With each of the commissioned collaborators bringing their specialty to play, Jeremy Scott for the outrageous, James Bond for the simplicity, and Kazuki with his eye for details and an ability to create extraordinary depth to his designs, it is no wonder that adidas ObyO has won fans over rather easily since its inception. For the coming Fall/Winter 2010 season, Kuraisihi doesn’t disappoint, and continues to wow with his signature fusion of Japanese flavored streetwear with highly technical elements, and of course, collaborations.

The footwear from the adidas ObyO kzk is evidence enough for how Kuraishi continues to change the footwear game and bring new elements to a seemingly exhausted sneaker market. This season, he draws inspiration from vintage American sportswear and also incorporates Native American influences into the sneakers. Hybridization is key, but instead of simply fusing two shoes into one, Kuraishi draws different elements from each adidas shoe and mixes them with his new ideas. For instance, the ZX Mocc Leather is a number of different shoes all fused into one. It is part adidas classic runner with the ZXZ sole unit as used in the ZXZ ADV, part creeper (with the weaved creeper toe detail), part moccasin in silhouette and mixed in with modern printed midsoles and laser engraved eyelets. Now available at Sole Boutique!!!!!

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